How to unload and load collections that also contains NonXML

Inoxmld does not support NonXML doctypes.

Is there or will there be a way to unload a collection in a proprietary format that can be given to a different Tamino server - perhaps even on a different platform.

This tool would be useful for migrating collections to other environments but also for backup/restore functions.

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Please read my contribution to Topic “How to retrieve a lot of documents …” in this forum.
To unload nonxml documents you would use an “ino:id” CURSOR, as described there. Additionally, you may want to set up another CURSOR with the following query:
…tamino/db/coll?_cursor=open&_xql=/mydoctype sortby(@ino:id)/@ino:docname
Then, when looping over the 1st (ino:id) CURSOR and do GETs on each ino:id , you may want to write out the (nonxml-)documents one by one and use the ino:docname from the 2nd CURSOR as filename, writing the docs all to the same directory.
To load the documents again, you would loop over the files in the directory, doing HTTP PUT for each file to the new destination. It should be easy to write a perl script / java- /c-program to do that.

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Hermann Gundel