Retieving flow service 'Dependents' (as do

I am doing some reporting on our IS implementation.

I am able gather a lot of information using the wmDoc package, but would like to retieving a list of Dependents (as done through developer UI) for a given flow service through a flow service.

E.g wm.administrator.admin:addAllUsers is used by 1 element:

Does any one know of a package or dsp that does this?

Good suggestion!

Add the following to the bottom of WmDoc\pub\flow\show-node-details.dsp after the last %end invoke% line.

%rename nsName node -copy%
%invoke wm.server.ns.dependency:getDependent%
%ifvar dependent/referencedBy%

%loop dependent/referencedBy% %endloop% %endif%
%value name%
%onerror% %include ../error.dsp% %end invoke%

As with the rest of WmDoc, this code calls a non-public service, so there is no promise of compatibility with future releases.


Hi ,

I am just going through the forums and found here some thing new to me. I have downloaded the WmDoc package and installed in my server. Now Can any body please guide me how to use these services …

I think view html will give us lot of info. What extra info i get by using these services

how should i make use these to document my code (Flow service)

Thanks in advance…


This can also be done from Java. The following demonstrates it, assuming ‘context’ is an instance variable pointing to a connected object:

private List<string> getDependents(final String node) throws ServiceException {
    final List<string> dependents = new ArrayList<string>();
    Values input = new Values();
    input.put("node", node);
    Values result = context.invoke("wm.server.ns.dependency", "getDependent", input);
    Values dependent = (Values) result.get("dependent");
    Values[] referencedBy = (Values[]) dependent.get("referencedBy");
    for (Values v : referencedBy) {
    return dependents;

As stated elsewhere on this site, ‘getDependents’ is an internal service which is not publicly visible. Therefore, it is unsupported and subject to change without notice. The above works on wM 6.1, I suspect it would also work on 6.5, at least.

While I’m at it, the following code is useful for interrogating ‘Values’ objects, when you don’t know what they contain:

private void logValuesInfo(String name, Values values) {
    final StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer("Information for values object '" + name + "':");
    if (values != null) {
        String[] keys = values.getValueKeys();
        for (String key : keys) {
            Object value = values.getValue(key);
            String valueClass = value == null ? "" : "(" + value.getClass().getName() + ")";
            result.append("\n  '").append(key).append("'=>'");
    } else {

So, looks like this forum does not convert newlines to appropriate HTML syntax (“p”, or “br”). Still, the code above should work if copied out correctly…


Where can i see an example or tutorial of how to use WMDOC?

How can I find wmDoc package for download please?