Resubmitting task from Task management List

I am trying to resubmit a bunch of tasks via the Task List Management UI. I search tasks according to my search criteria and then from the list of tasks shown, i select the tasks that i want to resubmit and then hit the Resubmit button. However, this seems to not trigger anything. The tasks’s audit log does not show that resubmission occured, and the corresponding process instances’ also show the status of ‘Started’ instead of ‘Resubmitted’. In the Task List Management view however, the last update date is updated to the timestamp from when the resubmission occurs.
Resubmitting the task step from the process instance works fine, we can see the process instance status change, and also see the audit log of the task updated with this activity.
Is there any configuration that needs to be done for making the resubmission work from within Task List management ?

The need for resubmission is to trigger some flow services to be re-run that have been configured on the task’s ‘queued’ event. There is nothing configured on the task’s ‘Updated’ event.

HI Janardan Kelkar,

What is the state if task you are trying to resubmit ?

it is active.



I think you may be overstepping the notion of “on the task’s ‘queued’ event”.

It seems to me, those services are only run when the task is queued, that is, created anew. So a resubmit would not trigger a ‘queued’ event.

However, resubmitting a process step does create a new task, which is then queued on the task list.

Maybe you want to redesign your process so it loops the task until success (or doesn’t timeout) and keep the flow services explicit on the process or sent in the process task service.

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Resubmit task from task list management will only reset the state of task and will carry the same task id.
Doing the same from process will call the IS servive which will queue the task by providing new task id on the same task

Thanks Bari and Gerardo.

Could you elaborate a bit on what ‘resetting’ the state of the task means ? When i try to resubmit a task from the task management list, tasks that are not active are skipped. So if a task is in active state, then i am not able to understand what resetting it would mean.

HI Janardan,

Task only in active state are resubmitted.
I tried updating the task status to suspended which is still an active task. When you resubmit the task it will change the status back to active.