Resubmitting Reference process

I am trying to resubmit a failed process step from a referenced process in 8.2 but although the reference process instance status gets completed the parent process is still at failed status.

I have found a workaround to set the reference process status as SUSPENDED using a process wide error handler step incase of transient errors and this will keep your parent process in started status. The resubmission of the reference process step now will join the parent process.

However i would like to make my reference process status in FAILED in case of errors but on resubmission of the failed step in reference process i require the ref process to join the parent process. Is this a limitation still in 8.2 or is this the expected behaviour of reference process?
I also notice that if a ref process goes to a terminal status such as complete or failed it publishes a subprocessDone or subprocessReturn transition document during its normal iteration however the document is not getting published if i try to manually resubmit the failed step.
Any help would be much appreciated.


I am unable to get this fixed using a reference process as a call activity however if you use the callable process instead of a reference process you will be able to resubmit the failed step successfully where your child process iteration increases but the parent iteration remains the same.


there is a knowledge base article in empower related to this. It is not about 8.2, but I thought it could give some light to this:

webMethods Process Engine - Suspected incorrect behaviour of referenced process

KB #: 1724278 Operating System Family: PC
Product: webMethods Process Engine (WPE) Operating System: Win Server 2003 Standard Edt
Version: 7.1.2
Last Updated: 30-JUL-2010


If you “click in to” a failed referenced process and resubmit it so that it ends in success, the parent process status remains in failed status which seems incorrect.


This is a consequence of issue WPE-1358 in PRT_7.1.2_Fix6

A failed referenced process cannot be resubmitted.

“Note that in all cases, if the failed/abandoned child process is resubmitted, it will not be allowed to rejoin the parent process.”

Here is a more up to date info, it seems that there is a new parameter since wM8 called ‘escalateFailure’, I hope it helps:

webMethods Monitor - Resubmission of child and parent processes

KB #: 1729542 Operating System Family: ALL
Product: webMethods Monitor (WMN) Operating System: All
Last Updated: 21-FEB-2011


What happens when a parent or child process is resubmitted depends on the process status, and the new for wM8 parameter escalateFailure.
Here’s a simple description of the initial state, what’s resubmitted, and the result.


Initial State - Referencing and referenced process both complete.
Resubmit - Referencing process.
Result - Second iteration of referencing process, new instance of referenced process.

Initial State - Referencing and referenced process both complete.
Resubmit - Referenced process.
Result - Second iteration of referenced process, no impact on referencing process.

Initial State - Referenced process fails.
Resubmit - Referencing process.
Result - New instance of referenced process, referencing process continues from referencing step.

Initial State - Referenced process fails.
Resubmit - Referenced process.
Result - Second iteration of referenced process, referencing process continues from reference step if the child process is configured to NOT escalate a failure condition to its parent. A new parameter (escalateFailure) was added to changeProcessStatus (callable from the child process) that will enable this new behavior. If this is set to TRUE, the parent essentially waits at the calling step, which then allows you to resubmit the failed child. If the child completes successfully, it will rejoin the parent as you’d expect.