Resubmitting multiple failed TN transaction via Wm Custom Service

Hi Experts,

I need to write a utility service that when run will resubmit all failed TN transactions based on either user status or senderID or receiverId or DocumentID etc.
I have build a sample service as shown below.
Sequence(try) {userStatus/routingStatus set}

when I am running the above service with setting UserStatus/RoutingStatus resultCount is showing as -1 however I can see transaction in TN console.

Please advice how to troubleshoot and fix it.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Amit,
resultCount is the output variable of documentQuery service. Value of -1 indicates there are no matching records found in database. This service takes input from createDocumentQuery service. Can you double check if the query is created correctly? What are the criteria that you have mentioned while creating the query?


Thanks Senthil for the reply.
I have tried below options:

  1. I have opened a transaction in TN console and copied its user status and put it in my service “userStatus” parameter.
  2. I have set “routingStatus” to DONE as per processing Status available in TN transaction logs.
  3. Opened a transaction from TN console and copied the document ID and set it as parameter for “documentID” but it is also not working.

Tried few more permutations and combinations but none of them seems to work.
However, I am able to search the docs with same filter criterion in TN transaction log.


Hi Amit,
To use service, all you need is Internal ID of transaction from TN DB. And I hope you are trying to extract that.

Not sure where it is going wrong. Can you check with just userStatus first, and once it gives you some result proceed with other filter criteria?


Hi Senthil,

Issue has been fixed now.
Disable paging was set to “False” by default in service.
changing it to “true” did the work.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Much appreciated… :slight_smile:


You got it: enjoy your rest of the day!


I am enhancing my re-submission service but got stuck in between.
I have to resubmit those transactions that are having DocumentID like %ABCD%.
I am able to view the transaction in TN console if I set DocumentID as %ABCD% but when i am running "" service it is having input as DocumentID which should be definite value like “12ABCD23”.
How can I run "" service for a string that is coming in DocumentID ?


Basically you need to query based on the InternalID that you can get output from doc:view and use 2 services (review BIS userguide for more info)


Also if you havethe InternalId of failed documents you can run tn:reroute service for that can reprocess it in TN: