resubmitting completed referenced processes.

hi all,

I am currently working on webM8 (BPM) with the goal to see if what we have on version 6 can be moved to 8 and what the differences are.
Anyway, I noticed that the resubmission of a referenced process is now different.
Imagine I have a top level process which calls a referenced process, both complete successfully. Sometimes I have to resubmit the referenced process, even if it completed.
In version 6, the referenced process iteration increased and the lop level process iteration did the same and the steps following this referenced process would execute again.
In version 8 only the referenced process re-runs after a resubmission and but the top level does not do anything. I am surprised to see this change and would like to know I this is intended. The behaviour is different if the status of the referenced process is not completed.

Anybody any idea?