I am using B2B server 4.5 and TN Console 4.5. I want to restart an error conversation and resubmit the inbound document. How do i accomplish this. I tried by restarting the conversation from the TN Console and then when the conversation had the start status, i tried the resubmit option in the transaction analysis screen on the TN console. It gave me the NullPointerException in the service.
Help is appreciated.

RosettaNet conversations cannot be re-started once the timeout (2 hours) has expired. And you can re-start a conversaion mid-way, i.e. resend an acknowledgment.

You have to re-post the initial starting message (RNO) to the TN.

For example, use the pub.client:http service to post an RNO (from the archive folder) to [url]http://localhost:5555/[/url] with the appropriate content-header (i.e. content-type application/aplication/x-rosettanet-agent).

I mean’t content-type aplication/x-rosettanet-agent

And “You CANNOT restart a conversaiont midway”


Just an update.

Actually the RNO receving gateway Service on the webMethods/TN is (http://localhost:5555/wm.ip.rn/receive),Which is located in the WmRosettanet package.