Resubmit Data


   As per my requirements by using wM7.1, I need to resubmit data with help of an contextID. For this I am using 

pub.monitor.service:getPipeline service to get the pipelinedata
pub.monitor.serviceControl:resubmit services to resubmit data by passing contextID and Inputdata(pipeline data) as input.

but pub.monitor.serviceControl:resubmit service is not resubmitting data to the service.

I have configured the remote server in IS.

Can any one help me on this ?

Thanks in Advance !

Is the pipeLine data different than the original pipeline data of the initial run of your service. If not, you just need to pass in the contextId for resubmit to work. Also, please note that, by default only top level services can be resubmitted.

Yes I am getting pipeline variables as expected and I made service as audit enabled but still I am facing this problem


While creating remote alias in the IS. Did you gave full url of the Host Name or IP Address. If you specify local host, it shows errors when you resubmit messages.

Srinivas KSV

Yes I have given full url.

Me too , but still not work! can anyone share your successful experience??
thanks a lot!