Restrict external user to Task->MyInbox acees only

Hi All,
I need to provide external user access to MyInbox(or custom task inbox) for accessing assigned user task in their corresponding group name. For which I have created a new role(testTaskRole) and from permission management have provided grant access only to Business->Task->MyInbox. And from IS ACLs have added this testTaskRole to the specific ACLs list.
After making this change user is only able to view myInbox only ,but problem is in inbox view no assigned task is showing up.
If I add this user group to mywebMethods administrators Role then the task is appearing in myInbox view.But it will display others MWS component as well.

Please let me know if there is any other setting is required to restrict to myInbox access only.


Hi Baharul,

What happens if you go in the Permission Management → Tasks (Select your task type) and you grant access to Task Application Root Page and Task Inbox Page.

Do you have this already?

Hope it helps,
Vlad Turian

Hi Vlad,
I have tried this ,but not able to get assigned task list in myInbox or custom inbox.

Have provided the below access to the role.But till not able to get the result in inbox or TLM.

Baharul Islam

I am able to find solution for the same.

Updating the details here for any one else if required.PFA
Task Inbox Access.docx (142 KB)

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