RESTful get Service to download a pdf from server

Hi Experts,

I am trying to create a RESTful service with get operation which will enable me to download a pdf file as an attachment from a location in the server.

To have that 1st step i want to build a service to pick a fixed file and when the get operation is invoked the file should be received by the client as an attachment.

Any guidance on how to proceed from the scratch?

Please check this article and you can try to implement this via custom wM service if possible:



This means there are not standard services in webMethods (not even in 10.5) to serve this purpose?
And only custom services are required for the same, am i right?


Sorry, I don’t think any thing else come OOTB.


webMethods is a middleware and it gives you the flexibility to extend and implement additional functionalities in java, which might not be part of the core functionalities developed by Software AG. Customer is free to implement any additional and specific feature that they want.

The Core IS will only be covering the common functionalities in demand and used by most of the people.