REST With URL Alias

Hello Team,

I am designing a REST service ( GET Call) in 9.12 webMethods.

I am able to invoke the service with complete URL information.

http://:/rest/CompleteNameSpaceOfResource. say: http://localhost:5555/rest/supplyChain/sgc/contracts

I have defined the URL alias to hide the URL information. URL Alias info as follows:-

replace rest/supplyChain/sgc/contracts with URL alias /contracts.

But seems, its not working when I am trying to fetch the data for say contract ID 1, /contracts/1 { 404 error} while the complete URL is working as expected.

Please help. Where am i doing wrong.

Kind Regards

Can we have a look at the URL Alias page and the rest implementation service? Are you using branch on /$resourceID

If you call http://localhost:5555/contracts/1, it doesn’t match the url alias that you defined, /contracts.

To solve this and make sure the match between the url you call and the url alias, you should set this parameter in the extended settings
and restart IS.

Let us know if this solves your issue.