Need Practical example of configuring and using a URL Alias for a Dashboard in MashZone NG 10.3


I’m looking for some help with how to use URL Alias’ in MashZone NG for a dashboard. I’ve dug and dug in the documentation, but the sections regarding URL Alias’ is fairly generic (Emphasis added.)

Can someone help by providing a practical example of how to configure and use a URL Alias for a dashboard?

Here is a typical Dashboard Link that I send out:


The config section for URL Alias’ looks like the screenshot that is attached.

My questions are as follows:

(1) What goes in the “URL” field of the config? Is it the full URL like it shows above? Just the query string? Unsure here.
(2) Does this Alias include all of the Name / Value pairs from the query string?
(3) How do I structure the URL for the dashboard so that I can call a dashboard using it’s alias?

Not sure why the documentation doesn’t have examples included… that would make this SO much easier!

Thanks for any help that can be provided!
URL Alias Config.png

Hi John,

I’m afraid you’re misunderstanding the purpose of URL aliases. They are not used for external communication (similar to a URL shortener), but for source operators within a dashboard.

The idea is that, if you have source files behind a URL path (several csv files, or an excel and a xml file, etc) and want to use those in a data feed, you can create a URL alias to these files, and therefore don’t have to enter the complete URL in the source operator. Also it makes migration from one system to another a bit easier.

An example: For the files…

…you could create a URL alias named e.g. “pricelistfiles” with the URL prefix

… and then use that URL alias in the CSV source operator, and add “somefolder/customerdata.csv” and the other sources’ files in the source operator field to access the specific files.
Image 2.png

Helmut, thank you for the explanation! Yes, I was definitely misunderstanding the context of URL Alias. Thank you for breaking it down and providing some examples of how it would be used! I appreciate the time taken.