rest v2

Hello Experts,

For 10.2 version, when I am using rest v2(recommended) to create a rest service, I am unable to invoke the service with the URL


Could you please guide if i am missing something obvious? I am getting 404 so the URL i am trying is wrong.

Please help.


Refer “Configuring a REST V2 Resource” from 10-3_Service_Development_Help.pdf

Find attached package (basic demo for Rest V2).

URL: http://localhost:5555/restv2/RestV2Svc

Method: POST


“num1”: “1”,
“num2”: “1”
} (17.1 KB)

Thank you Mahesh for sharing the information. :). Sorry for my slow response.
I have couple of questions for this:-

is the rest resource name and URL template names should be same. I mean if i have the rest resource say customers, I have use the URL pattern like /customers or /customers/{custID}. And the URL pattern like this /goldCustomers is invalid.

Also, guide me how to form the swagger document link to be shared with the source application?