REST V2 resource

how to call a REST V2 resource from SAOPUI? I would like to know the resource name which we need to specify into the resource field of REST project in SOAPUI.

Hi Azhar,

not quite sure what you mean by that, can you elaborate more?



Please see - page #23 for this.

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Hi Azhar,

you may also refer to page 18 of - 10-5_Rest_Developers_Guide(

if you are trying to call a flow service in IS using REST

I am calling REST from SOAPUI

Thanks everybody for the response.

To get the resource name to invoke from SOAPUI, In designer, Right click on rest resource(wMNIC) to get Properties, get the full name (namespace/service),
use that after /restv2/ fullname/deleteCitizenLastName , That should work.

The solution works perefectly.

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