REST Style


I am not seeing much discussion going around on the usage of REST (Representational State Transfer) style in webMethods.
I think that it has lots of advantages over the traditional SOAP based messaging style.
Could anyone give more inputs on REST implementation in webMethods?

I would like to see how we can expose a service as a resource which supports CRUD methods?


I think you’d have to bypass the built-in web services functionality and perhaps leverage the embedded Tomcat to expose URLs corresponding to each CRUD operation on a “resource”.

Not sure IS would be the best tool for this. Yes, you may be able to bolt-on some REST support, but I’m not sure it would be worth the effort.

I’m sure Rob can chime in with the “REST of the story…”.


IS is service oriented. Each URI that can be exposed by IS represents a service. IS tends to promote different interfaces for different services.

One can design a set of services with URIs corresponding to a desired resource model. But this would tend to be static, which would be problematic. For example, the “post” of a new resource should dynamically create another URI available to clients. A “delete” would remove a URI.

But that limitation is rather moot anyway. IS supports get and post, but does not support put and delete (or other HTTP methods). So implementing a RESTful solution in IS would definitely be a challenge.