Rest resource - Creating API descriptor using Swagger


I am using webMethods v10.1 and created API descriptor using Swagger 2.0.

The Swagger that I used has references like below (not a self contained), where it refers the .json schema present in a different folder.
“$ref”: “./Impl/Swagger2/customer.json”
“$ref”: “…/…/common/Impl/Swagger2/Fault.json”

With the Swagger v2.0, I am able to create a API descriptor in wM Designer v10.1, but seeing the below issues.

  1. As the json definiton is not present in the swagger file, the json definitions are generated as blank (no fields populated in the documents that are generated in the docTypes folder)
  2. In the Swagger file, though the cardinality (Required is defined as false) is defined for the fields, when the Documenttypes are generated in wM, all the fields are shown as ‘Mandatory’ (Required: True).
  3. In the Swagger file, if the Field(Person) Type is defined as Object and if there are fields (as type string like firstName, lastName, email, etc) defined in the Object, then when Swagger is imported the DocumentType(in wM) is having only one field as Object and the internal fields(firstName, lastName, email, etc) are not generated in the document.

Did anyone faced any of the above/similar issues while creating API descriptor using Swagger.

Could you please provide any suggestions/workarounds/inputs on the above.

Thanks in advance!!

Rajesh G