Rest Developers Guide for webMethods Integration Server

Dear Team,

Seems like REST developers guide is missing from the documentation from 10.5 version.

May I know rational behind this. It is a good documentation for the starters.

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I’ve written to the documentation team, Sri.
It’s available for 10.5, but missing in 10.7 and 10.11.


Thanks Bro. Not sure why it was removed.

WS, Pub-Sub, JMS, MIME and even WMDB users guide is there but REST is missed for some reason.

Hi @Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1 ,

Just noticed - even 10.5 REST User guide has bugs - page#22 refers to rad URL but does not explain about RAD creation.

Seems like after 10.3 version - the documentation is not updated.

Noted, Sri - I’ve highlighted this to the team as well; thanks for picking this up!


@srikanth.prathipati1803, the guide has been moved -

From the IS readme (link) -


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Hi @Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1 ,

Thanks for figuring this out.

I dont find this on Service Development Help either -


Seems like this useful information is definetely lost. It seems odd to keep REST Developers guide in Service development help where as all JMS, Web Services, Pub-SUb, Mime, etc. developer guides are with Integration Server.

IMHO, It just confuses the developers to go all over the place.

This is a fair comment, Sri; I do agree with you -

I’ve reviewed the Service Development Help guide and I see that the REST content has been gradually reduced from 10.5 through 10.11. For instance, content on the legacy approach is no longer available in 10.11, which is fair in my opinion. The part that I see missing is about how the IS handles REST.

I’m positive that there was some thought process to why this was moved and slowly trimmed; I will ask around and get back :slight_smile:
I’d suggest that you create a support ticket to get a quicker/formal response.


Update - The REST guide is small and it is a major feature, so the contents were moved into the Development guide for easy access. The other guides, such as DSP and Guaranteed Delivery, for instance, have a smaller audience.

Note - The team is, however, reevaluating the REST documentation right now, so if you have a list of items/contents that you’d like to see in the IS/Designer REST documentation, please share it with me.


I think legacy topics can be flushed out and only keeping restv2 and rad parts adds real value.

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