Rest Descriptor creation

Hi All,

In 9.10 when we are creating rest descriptor from REST resource i am observing below two issues

  1. In response code I can see code as 200 and 401 only.I want add some more response code.Can someone please help to check if we can add this on server level.
    2.If i am adding some rest resource after creating rest service eg at the time of creating i have only created get and post and after that i have created put service manually.This last one is not comming in rest descriptor.

Can someone please help in resolving this.

Baharul Islam

Hi Baharul ,

For the point 1 , it is clearly present in the documentation. Please refer “9-10_Service_Development_Help.pdf” , chapter 24 Working with REST API Descriptors → About Operation Responses section.

For the point 2 , Please refer to the section “Adding REST Resources to a REST API Descriptor” of the chapter 24.

Let us know if you face further issues.