Rest call for XML

Hi All,

I unable to get node object in pipeline when I do rest post call from soapui/postman with Content-Type = application/xml.
But I am seeing contentStream {java.lang.String} = ‘’ instead node object.

When I do rest post call from soapui/postman with Content-Type = text/xml then I am getting node object and able to process xml data.

IS Version: 9.9

Appreciate your help on this topic.

Hi there,

You are seeing the correct behavior in the v9.9 :)-

Please refer this KB article resolution below and it is self explanatory:

Issue reported and Resolution:
Support for the application/xml MIME type was added in 9.10. Prior to 9.10, there was no ContentHandler for application/xml requests, so the Integration Server would place the incoming payload as an unparsed stream into the pipeline as a variable named contentStream. Starting in 9.10, application/xml content is handled just like text/xml content: the XML ContentHandler will put the content into the pipeline as node.

To use the old behavior, disassociate the application/xml MIME type from the XML ContentHandler by using the Java API. See the following method in

public static void removeContentHandler(java.lang.String content_type)

Deregisters a content type from the server. The default content handler will be associated with this content type.

content_type - A String specifying the MIME content type to deregistered.