Responding with an encrypted mime message in an http session

Hi Experts

I am getting an encrypted mime message thru http, I need to process this message and respond with the response again as encrypted mime message within the same session. How could I set the response, can I use “pub.flow:setResponse” for this case. My response type would be “multipart/mixed” mimeStream. What could be my contentType.?

The doc says that …

“contentType: you explicitly set this value with Developer, you will see two pre-defined choices: text/XML and text/HTML. You are not limited to these two values. You may either select one of these or type a new value.”

the response of pub.flow:setResponse service is of type String, but my response is a mimeStream, could I map a stream to response feild…?

Would it be OK to set the output through “Service Output Template” in Setting tab of the flow. Would %value myStream% work in the output template.?

Can anyone give me an idea please



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Rupindar, Sonam, Dan and others where are you all, give me a hand here pls



Am too in the same kind of situation…

Here is my requirement…

User invokes a service where in I need to give a response back in a stream format (plain stream).

How can I map a Steam to ‘response’ input of the service pub.flow:setResponse.

I tried with bytes but that too is giving the error – response (input) is null.

What to do now…

any help is appreciated