Resource Monitoring Service in Subscriber

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We would like to use the Resource monitoring service feature for subscriber in integration (similar to the resource monitoring service setting in webMethods or JMS trigger in IS which can help automatically enable the suspended triggers once the target/ resources are available). The documentation does not specifically mention this feature (Cloud Messaging - Integration). Can anyone please help or suggest if this is offically supported and how this can be enabled in


do you see any option in IO portal ?

To be at the same page, what do you exactly mean by “Resource monitoring service”?
e.g. in Case of the new Super iPaaS and ability to run Integration Runtime docker containers, you have the full set of Prometheus resource monitoring for those runtimes available, but is that what you look for?

Below is feature is being looked in cloud messaging
resource monitoring service associated with subscriber trigger, which will check the availability of the target system and deliver the message if the system is available other this resource monitoring service will be keep checking the availability

Hi Holm,

We are looking for the feature which is available as a setting in the trigger where we can assign a flow service as a ‘Resource Monitoring Service’ which will keep running as a scheduler from the time a trigger got suspended due to a transient/ fatal error and will automatically enable the trigger when the flow service returns the ‘isAvailable’ flag as ‘true’. This avoids manual intervention of enabling the trigger once it is auto-suspended due to error. Please refer to below for the feature in 10.15 IS:

Yes. Any idea if this feature is available in the subscribers that can be configured in workflow or flow services?

No. Neither the documentation talks about it explicitly