Implementing Resource Monitoring Service

Hi All,

I am trying to implement Resource Monitoring Service but not succeeding, could anyone please help?

Please find the steps which i used:

  1. I set the below properties in Extended Settings and restarted server,
  2. Created a publisher service which will publish a document and wait for reply
  3. Created trigger and set the Transient Error Handling properties, (attached screenshot)
  4. Created subscriber service in which i invoked Resource Monitoring Service as first step and then used reply service.
  5. As i am using stand alone machine, in resource monitoring service i manually hard-coded isAvailable=false, thinking that once trigger is suspended after all retry attempts are finished, i will again make isAvailable=true
  6. After executing publisher service, the trigger is not getting suspended. May i know the reason?

Let me know if anybody has any questions,

With Regards,
Sudheer Martha.

Hi All,

Now i can see that the trigger is suspended and a system task is created to monitor.

I am sorry i forgot to inclulde throwExceptionForRetry logic in trigger service. Now that i put it in logic i achieved what i want.

Hope this would help others.

Sudheer Martha

Glad to hear you resolved self:

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