Resolving "Invalid Credentials" Error in Cumulocity IoT


Have you encountered an “invalid credentials” error message in Cumulocity IoT? This issue can be caused by a few different factors, such as incorrect login credentials or an incorrect URL. There are several easy solutions you can try to resolve the issue and get back to using Cumulocity IoT.

This solution works for Cumulocity versions newer than 10.9

Steps to Resolve the “Invalid Credentials” Error in Cumulocity IoT

  1. Check the URL:

The first thing you should do is make sure that you are using the correct URL for your account. Double-check that you have the correct tenant domain prefix and that it is entered correctly.

  1. Use the “Forgot password?” feature:

If you’re sure that your username is correct, try using the “Forget password?” feature on the login screen. This will only work if you have a valid email address associated with your account, and the email address is maintained in the system by an admin user.

  1. Ask your Cumulocity IoT Administrator to send a password reset email:

If the steps above don’t work, you can ask your Cumulocity IoT Administrator to send a password reset email.

  1. Contact Cumulocity IoT Support:

Alternatively, you can contact Cumulocity IoT support and ask them to send you a password reset email. They can also help you check the tenant ID and admin user on the management tenant and log in as a support user to check if your user exists.