RESET statement


Is there an equivalent for RESET statement?


But why do you want to use an equivalent for RESET?

What do you mean by an “equivalent”. You can MOVE or ASSIGN appropriate null values to a variable. However, RESET is nice in that you do not have to specify the appropriate null value; Natural knows the appropriate value. Thus, in a single RESET statement you can have both alpha and numeric fields; the former will receive blanks, the latter zeroes.


I am working on a Tool which parses Natural programs… It gives problem when RESET comes within some loop structures.


Sorry, but I don’t understand your problem. :frowning: Why should RESET cause a problem within a loop structure? And how can an “equivalent” help you?

Of course you should not reset your counter-variable in a for-loop (unless you know what you’re doing)…

Yo can use the tool from Software AG Natural Engineer, who parses
Natural code as well and more and dont have any problem with the Reset statement.