Loops with non initiating varibles

Hi All,

I am new to natural world. I know that FOR,REPEAT, ESCAPE and SORT are Loop processing statements in natural. I want to know which of above statements does not initiate variables or in other words Please let me know the natural loop statements that does not initiate any variables?



You asked this question about 6 weeks ago. It was answered with pointers to Natural documentation. If you have access to this forum, you have access to the web, and should be able to access Natural documentation. Why not use the documentation???

Your question is not clear. What do you mean by “initiate any variables”? A FOR loop, by its very nature, sets a starting value for a variable (which might be called the FOR variable). A REPEAT does not set a starting value for anything. It functions by means of values set within the program and clauses like WHILE and UNTIL.

ESCAPE does not start a processing loop, and hence does not belong in the same category as your other three statements. ESCAPE allows you to exit from processing loops.

SORT is a rather special statement. In report mode it both ends a loop and starts another loop. In structured mode it only starts a loop (END-ALL closes the active loops). Since SORT, in some sense, reads records from a spin off file, I guess you could say it initiates values for the fields mentioned in the SORT, but I would not use the term “initiate”.