Resending bFailedb docs on a mass basis

Does anyone know how (or have a service) which can check for failed sent docs, and resend them as a group as opposed to using the TN Console and reprocessing one at a time?
We had a network outage that caused hundreds of docs to fail. I know how to identify them through an sql query, but i’m not sure how to use the results of the query to do a resend.
NOTE: I can’t resend them from the sending service - they’re SAP IDocs!
Any help would be greatly appreciated…


Hey Mike,
I will appreciate if you can tell me the sql query which identifies failed docs…I have the same problem. I will see if i can figure out how to resend all docs as I will be needed the same process.

Thanks in advance

MJ, here’s the sql statement.

DeliveryJob ON OUTTER.DocID = DeliveryJob.DocID
WHERE (DeliveryJob.JobStatus = ‘FAILED’) AND (DeliveryJob.TimeCreated > ‘03/01/2002’)

A couple of things.

  1. I figured out how to resend by exec sql statement above
    branching on row count
    looping over results
    RouteXML (or just send to TN.Recieve)

  2. NOTE: A resend of the docs doesn’t change the status from Failed to Done - it creates a new record in the database with DONE, so the old failed docs will still be there and will always reprocess if you run the service for the specific date when they failed. Use a date range to get specific docs. Or delete the failed docs once they are resent.

If you need the service let me know and i’ll zip it up for you.



I just found an easier way to resend the docs once you’ve found them with the sql.
Loop over the results and map the JobID out of the results to the
taskid in the service. This will restart the task without creating a new delivery record. You also don’t have to get the content, etc.


Excellent Mike!!!

Thanks for your help!!!


hi Friends

I need to a interface that is take XML parse it and convert it to IDOc and send to sap system

if any one has the flowservice for the same with doc or tutorial please send me as soon as possible (immd)

thank you