Requirements for submitting xml via HTTP/s


I’m reviewing the XML Services Developers Guiide pdf but still having issue with receiving the xml successfully. Our internal client application is posting the xml data to wM via http and is passing the filename with extension as inputStream and sending the userid/password. I’ve set my flow service input as “ffdata” object. The steps in my service basically just perform xmlNodeToDocument–>documentToXMLString–>stringToStream–>EDIINT:send. Not sure why IS is spitting out "[ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied ". Also, is it possible to capture the filename.ext in my flow service step?

Can you share additional details about the client application?

If the client is using HTTP then the pipeline var passed to your service will not be ffdata. And you will not be able to get the filename unless the client sends it via an HTTP header.

As mentioned in our previous exchange, if there is nothing that IS is going to do with the data then converting to a string is not necessary. Have the client post the data as text/plain or as application/octet and use the bytes to back a stream you pass to EDIINT:send.

Hi Rob,

The client is using a java application to post the data via HTTP. The filename is sent vian an HTTP header. How would I be able to capture the filename? Also, I don’t understand why “Access Denied” is thrown. If I set the service to be execute as “Anonymous”, then the “Access Denied” disappear.


If the client set the content-type as “text/plain”, then what would the input of the executed flow service be set to?

You’d get a byte array, but I’m not sure of the pipeline variable name. Testing in dev should reveal that easily.

Use pub.flow:getTransportInfo to gain access to HTTP request headers.

I’m not sure on why you’re hitting the access denied error.