Request / Response time for soap messages

IP: 9.10
OS: Windos Server

We are looking at an issue that started occurring Wednesday Aug 5th 2020 at about 15:45. The integration server is working well, communicating with the other SoftwareAG servers in a ms time frame.

Up to this time point calls to soap services response times were in the time range of milliseconds. After this every soap call now takes 21 seconds for a response.

From investigating we have discovered that from the time the IS server is reporting it made the soap call it is taking 20 seconds before the call is actually seen in wire shark on the server actually going out.

We have not changed the environment in the last month, and are noticing the same delay in the new 10.3 server which is a linux server. this new environment is not live yet but seeing the same delay when tested.

Can anyone provide an area to focus on for further analysis. My feeling is it is an environment issue delaying the call from the Java server to the the network coms on the server. At this point I am looking for anything

Hi Ian,

is this occuring when the IS is running for a longer time or after a fresh start of the instance?

Is there anything else observed in the network during the tests?

Do you have either 9.10 on Linux or 10.3 on Windows available for cross reference testing?

If the issue persists after restarting the instances and/or cross-reference testing this looks more likely to be an issue in the backend being adressed.