Request/reply across a gateway

In the FAQs, this question is answered:

“Using the Java API, is it possible to initiate a Request/Reply between a client on a Broker in one territory, and another client on a Broker in another territory?”

A variation on this question:
Is it possible to initiate a request from any adapter/agent on a Broker in one territory, to be responded to another adapter/agent on a Broker in another territory?

The territories are set up. The gateways are set up. The request and reply event types are configured under the shared events tabs.

Specifically, I have an I-ILA in one territory publishing 2 types of events that need to get passed to a broker in another territory and responded to by ATC agents. The publish is timing out. The client list under Manager for the I-ILA broker does not list any “forward queue”, which I believe is needed from what I read in another FAQ question.

Using 4.1 of the Enterprise server.

Can someone provide any guidance?


Additional information:

I’ve gotten this to work in a test environment. Two different brokers, shared broker host/instance, each in their own territory, each is the gateway to the other. The request/reply worked as expected.

So I guess I need troubleshooting tips. The “real” environment has:

broker1 on brokerhost1 at port 6849, territory1
broker2 on brokerhost1 at port 6844, territory2

broker1 is gateway to territory2/broker2
broker2 is gateway to territory1/broker1

broker2 is doing the request.
broker1 is supposed to reply.

The request is timing out.
Doing the requests directly on broker1 work.

Any tips, however vague or out of left field, are appreciated.



The nice thing about using a gateway, is it does exactly what you are looking for, but you have to ensure you have the correct can publish/can subscribe permissions configured for the gateway.

Did you configure both sides of the gateway at the same time, or did you configure each side seperately. If you configured each side seperately, one tip/hint you may try to fix you configuration problem, is to remove all your publication permissions from both sides of the gateway. Apply your changes to the Broker, and then re-add your publication permissions. You cannot configure the publication permissions on territory1 unless territory2 has the correct subscription permissions.

Matt Talaga
Crowe Chizek

Turns out that the culprit was adapters being down–different ones at different times during the debugging, which made it confusing.

Things are working as expected now.