request for wM Monitor advantages and uses

hi can anyone explain me the advantages of monitor .And in what context we can use monitor any specific examples where u guys have used it effectively in any projects.Can monitor be used to keep track of transactions .ex say payment transaction etc…

IMHO explaining the advantages of the Wm Monitor is beyond the scope of what this forum is actually meant for… I’d reckon you read the PlatformLoggingAndMonitoringGuide and PlatformIntroToIntegration.

In brief - Monitor gives you an ability to track, monitor & control services, Business Process Models, workflows, etc. Tracking and monitoring means that you can use WmMonitor to see how far has your BPM progressed (eg last successfully executed step of your multi-step BPM), or if it has failed, etc. When I say control, I mean stopping, suspending, resuming or resubmitting processes (even allows you to modify the process data in pipeline before resubmitting).

Yes, Wm Monitor can be used to track the transactions - we have used it to track the RosettaNet transactions.

HTH, Rohit