Request Access Token is Not Working

Hi Team,

We are using API Portal and API Gateway 10.1 for hosting our APIs. Now the APIs are publish to API portal from gateway. Everything is working fine , the API publish , API gallery etc. But when I am trying to request for an access token , it is not working.
No approval notification is sent to admin users. The email configuration is correct and enabled. We have applied the latest fixes for API Portal (Fix 4) and API Gateway (Fix 8). There is an empower item also which suggest to apply the latest fixes , KB# 1787757. But issue still persists. Please help.



Have you enabled “Send Notification” on the API gateway.

Natarajan R

Have you enabled the approval workflow in API Gateway for Application request?


We have faced same issue, After start api portal access token issue got resolved.

Pls restart API Portal and then check.


HI Experts,

I have enabled API key for an API in gateway and published in API portal and when I request for Get access token - Access token has been requested and will be available soon but I am not seeing any pending requests under gateway or not received any email.
I have enable create application / register application under Gateway > Administration > General.

I am using 10.3 version cloud

Please help me if I am missing something.