Reprocessing of transaction in TN

Hi All,

I need to reprocess the transaction from TN console which is already in completed state. The PO has sent from webMethods to backend and backend has sent the PO confirmation. But some how the backend system got crashed and they want webMethods to resend. Will it be possible for webMethods to resend or we need to ask the TP to resend…?

In the same scenario if the PIP message got expired whether IT can be reprocessed?

In both the cases the transactions are of RN PIP.


Are you mapping PIP message to any canonical doc and sending to backend? If yes is your canonical doc persists in TN and routed or using broker publish? so that you can reprocess the transaction.

Ofcourse you may request TP to resend RNO but it could cause duplicate confirmation their end unless they are ok with it.

I believe you can reprocess PIP from the model “send to backend” step (what ever you named it)


I suppose either you can resubmit the transaction from TN (creates new transaction) or you can create a stub flow service which will redeliver the doc to the receiving partner. Get the Delivery service name used, get bizdoc and call :slight_smile:


Looks like your requirement is only to have this PO’s back in backend, but you are not expecting the PO-Ack/response back from backend. You can achive it.
As RMG suggested if you have send to Backend process step you can do that, but your process instances status will again be active from completed/errord out etc.

If you can control (stop sending) the response document from backend which your process instance is expecting in process, its advisable to use “Send to backend” step again else, get the payload from RNO and work on some service(manual solution) to post it to your backend.

Let us know what you have decided on resubmit and what ever better solutions mentioned above work for you!