Repository Server

Hi Wm_Gurus,

I have question regarding the repository server and clustering
we are using integration server6.1,
we have two intergation servers in cluster environment and oracle as repository server,

so what happens is when the admin guys take a back up every night the repo server will not stop automatically,
but when they reboot all the servers the repo server works fine,
my question is how to make my reposerver to stop automatically when they take a back up every night,


We use cron to automatically bring our servers of any type up and down for various purposes. Do they really bring Oracle down for the backup? If so I would write cron entries to bring the IS servers down, then the repos, and after the backup bring them back up in a similar manner.

If availability is more of an issue, it would be best if the oracle listener is not completely disabled. If you don’t have configuration information in the repo, it is useless to use a backup containing old sessions and tn queries anyway. If you do have to disable the listener, webm is basically down anyway.

To reduce down time however, the oracle server could perform some remote commands over ssh before and after completing its backup. We use that method along with ant to start/stop before and after automatically configuring and installing content into any of our many webm environments. It would work just as well for this operation.