Repository Deployment - Ports and Extended settings

Repository Deployment - Ports and Extended settings,

I am trying to build using ABE, Jenkins , GIT and trying to deploy PORTS and Extended settings using repository based deployment.

Can any one please help me understand what files do I need to check-in to my Repository so that I can deploy PORTS and EXTENDED SETTINGS .

Please note IS version is 9.12.


Hi Sandeep,

please note that extended settings may contain variables which contain a path value which might be differing on the target.

Ports are stored in two places:

  • IntegrationServer/instances//config/ports.cnf
  • IntegrationServer/instances//packages/WmRoot/listeners.cnf (or other packages when port is specific to certain package, check IS Admin under Security → Ports for details)

Extendend Settings are stored in IntegrationServer/instances//config/server.cnf