Repository based deployment


I believe in repository based deployment. The deployment pattern is

Repository > QA ENV
Repository > Prod ENV.

If thats the case how to keep track of whats deployed in QA (what version of composited are deployed i mean) and that to be deployed in Prod.

The build version in file keep track of the builds but looks like the project created in deployer is always pointing towards the current build.

Any Ideas?


Did you created new asset building for prod and refresh the deployer?

I did not create a new asset build Env in Prod.

I have asset build ENv configured only in dev to the repository.

For example I have a package deployed into QA today. and next month I want to deploy the same package to PROD. how would I know which pacakge ( which version i mean) I deployed in QA as I am deploying this from repository. i know the build version keeps track of this but may be i am missing something here…

you know what i mean…

You will know from the Define section of the build isn’t and add the Target server (Prod) in the same project/repository?

the define section of the build will only be getting info from the ABE ( folder) which has the current version.

Here is what i have

A repository config to DEV
ABE configured to repository
ABE has 2 folders ( archive,source )
a nightly job runs and moves packages from repository to ABE source and ABE source to ABE archive .( so source is the most current version in ABE)

Deployer is connected to ABE source now my question is

say I have a package deployed into QA today. and next month I want to deploy the same package to PROD. how would I know which pacakge ( as this wud be moved to archive ) I deployed in QA as I am deploying this from repository.

I believe i have some config messed up …

What I mean is you can use the same deployment previously done in QA (with out any rebuild and add Target server right? do you think the previous deployed package gets over written by the nightly batch in source or compsites from the repository changed?


yeah…the previous deployment project is only linked to ABE source folder which is overwritten everyday.
So the project/define that got deployed into QA is not the same if i have to do it after a month into Prod.

But since the build is already completed to QA…do you still think the deployer gets the new version of the package…which I don’t think so.

If so can you test the same to any other target IS review the package contents to sure some thing changed vs previous build just to prove?

for the repository based deployment there is no build step as we have in run time. so it doesnt really create a build …its just a define/deployment set from composites/ABE.

And yeah I did test this :).

sorry you are right…still checking:

No Probs…Thanks for your time…

Are you using SVN?

yeah Subversion is set up …Thats where ABE extracts code from on a nightly basis.

So did you inspect the svncheckout or logs for the previous build results that that version it went from source based on the you configured?

And you can also track verison based on the trunk version or commit comments what it used for the QA build isn’t?

the previous builds are moved to archive as configured and also has valid build version number based on the file.

Let me ask you a question.

I mean the repository file path should be configured in deployer is pointed to the “build.output.dir” right?

Then how would the deployment set in Deployer keeps the link even after the package is moved from “build.output.dir” to “build.archive.dir” ?

yes c:\abe\build (not sure what you have it configured)

Did you check the log file under abe\logs?

What about svncheckout any info in there?

i have configured it to the same dir C:\abe\ouput. I have left the default logs properties to build.log and log level to info. No Info in there

only 3 folders (build.output.dir=C:/abe/output ,
build.source.project.dir=C:/abe/project )

what do you mean by svncheckout info ? Dont know

Any thing in the build.checkout.dir = c:/abe/svncheckout that configured in the build-source-checkout.xml file?


yeah the packages from repository are moved to build.checkout.dir= c/abe/svncheckout folder ( its the same structre as the pacakges folder in IS) and builds are created of the same and moved into

You might have to discuss with SAG support further ABE help on this…I am still trying to find out with another trainer buddy:)