REPO Problems.

Hello all,

We are having problems with the REPO in a clustered environment. We are on Windows 2003 Server enviroment. REPO is installed in a separate directory in the clustered machines. The REPO database is housed in a SQL Server (Active - Passive configuration). Whenever the SQL Server fails over from the Active node to the Passive node, the REPO database gets corrupted. The only way we know it’s corrupted is by going to the RI connections page, if we see lot of FALSE and TRUE connections, we assume that the repo is corrupted. We have to bring the WHOLE environment down, delete all the REPO tables and then restart it.

Please help answer the following questions:

  • Is this something others have experienced also? Are you still having this problem or have you fixed it somehow?
  • The problem happens in a 6.1 environment and we are moving to 6.5 at this time. What is the status with 6.5? Anyone?
  • webMethods provided the wmRepo package. However, they are not even able to tell us how to identify if the repo is corrupted based on the results from running services in that package. So it is of no use to us at this time. Anyone has ideas about how to use the wmRepo package?

Your help is appreciated!