Reply Step

Can anyone explain the purpose of Reply step to me?
My issue is that I am using a reference process and want to transition based upon the pipeline of my Child process.
ParentProcess is using document1 while ChildProcess using document2. But in ParentProcess i am unable to access the document2.
Somebody mentioned that Reply step should be the answer but when i place a Reply step, it asks for a “Reply To” which i am not sure what to put.

Are you using Optimize Locally checkbox and also select Volatile tracking on in the Quality of Service Settings?? this way all the steps have access to the process transition documents/referenced process documents to the Parent/Child steps.

Just some thoughts…


It worked. After checking the Volatile Tracking, i was able to access the output of the referenced process. But how did it work as per definition of Volatile Tracking it keeps the process status in memory as compared to storing it on the Disk.
But is’nt it risky in case of any server shutdown, we may loose statuses of running processes.

Yes if you disable volatile tracking then it stores the process status/data in the PE database and your can recover it later…otherwise it stores in the RAM…performance wise RAM is good…


Thanks RMG. I have two questions here.

  1. Why don’t i get the output of a reference process if Volatile Tracking is off.
  2. If Volatile Tracking is ON then at what point PRT will update the process statuses in the database?