Replace A service in flow with another

Hello Rob

We have developed couple of REST services, we have used the pub.flow:setResponse service to send the response back to the client in those services ( they are still in DEV environment, around 20 interfaces). Later while going through the documentation, i found the setResponse service is depricated and should be replaced with setResponse2.

Do i manually replace the service in flow or do we have any automated (short-cut) just to replace a step with another in designer.


Hi Sasanka,

this will depend on the version of wM you are using.

In newer versions of Designer there is a Recfactoring option which might be helpful.

On the other side you can select the setResponse service in the Package Navigation and the choose “Find Dependents”.
This will show you all services which are calling setResponse and you can then edit them to use setResponse2 instead.