Repeatedly calling the SAP adapter sevice for each publishing Idoc

Dear All

I had a problem in webMethods that when a IDOC is comming to webMethods from SAP It consists of numbr of records i ned to publish all the records at a time but here what is happining is one by one record is publishing so please kindly help me in the issue to publish all the records at a time. i had solved the above issue .

[b]But One more problem i am facing is that i am calling a BAPI to insert one segment of IDOc to sap now this BAPI is calling each time for each IDOC but i need to call this bapi at once if the nuber of idoces sent 4 that the bapi should call once but here its calling 4 time this become a performance issue on SAP.

Could any one help me in solving this issue .

or email me on this issue if you had solution for it[/b]

Please find the attachments

What is your IS/SAP Adapter version?

Also is the trigger mode set to serial or concurrent?


Adapter Version is :

Trigger is in concurrent

What is the max execution threads?

So what is the SAP Adapter fix level on and IS version??


deriving from the given Version the Adapter is SAP Adapter 7.1 with Fix8 installed.

Please share the About-Page of the SAP-Adapter as this also contains informations about the API version being used.

Latest versions would be:

  • SAP Adapter 7.1 Fix11
  • JCo 3.0.11
  • JCo Idoc 3.0.10