Rendering in IE8

Hi All,
I’ve an application running on MWS 7.1.3
We’re facing latency issues while navigating through the application in IE8.
There are no problems with the performance of the server but it is taking a lot of time to render the screen on the browser.

So we’ve used dyna trace to track the sluggishness and what we found was many of the image and js files are being downloaded from the server every time we navigate to the page instead of caching them.

Is there any way to set the caching properties for these files in the code so that the browser caches rather than downloading them for every single request of the page.

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That’s good information. Could you please clarify whether the images are ones that are Out of the Box from MWS, or whether they are custom images?


The caching doesnt happen to the CSS as well as JS.
The images are custom images and JS are from MWS.
The CSS are from the custom skins which we created.
Attaching a document with screenshots from firebug for images and JS caching.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

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Screenshot.doc (193 KB)

I’ve finally found some time to do some research on this topic. Here’s my preliminary findings:

  • Every css, image, js returned directly by Jetty is properly being cached by the Client Browser (Good)
  • I need to provide information about how to modify those settings if possible
  • Every css, image, js delivered from a CAF control in a Portlet Application isn’t being cached (Bad)
  • Most of the Core (MWS) javascript and css files are not being cached (Bad)

I’ll be following up on this tomorrow.

Thanks Mark!
I’ll be waiting for your reply!

Ok, i’ve finally found the right tool to investigate this. I’m using Fiddler ( which proxies all http requests on your machine. This was really helpful in understanding precisely what requests the browser is making and what responses were returned. (Firebug and HTTP Headers were a bit ambiguous in this area).

It is a little cumbersome to write up the conclusions in this text editor, so i’ve attached a little presentation.

Rendering in IE8.ppt (774 KB)

Thanks for your time!
I’ve used a tool dynaTrace to trace the requests send for static resources to the server and below our findings

  1. What I’ve found is that all the custom images, css and js files are cached but the cache expiration is set to a very low value. So I’m looking for a method where the cache expiration settings can be customized.
  2. For framework css and js files the tool says their cache property is set to Yes but on every page load these files are requested by the browser.

As you’ve used a different tool(Fiddler), i’ll also try to use the same tool for our application and capture some screenshots and share it with you.

This might take a little longer but i’ll do my best to share the results at the earliest.


Sounds good, please continue to investigate and if possible to verify my results. Additionally, since you want more control over the cache settings, please file a Support Request.