Render=false, Views are still rendered

My scenario is the following.

I have in one portlet that contains in the left side a tree and in the right side a content area, for this content area I have 3 views, but only one it’s shown to the user. I import the views using the import view control

Currently I’m using the param Visible to show/hide the views, so one is Visible = true and the others 2 are with the Visible = false

This is not the best approach since all the views are rendered but it does not work.
If I set the render param in my import view the view is still rendered
If I set the render param of the form in the view the view is still rendered

Is this a CAF problem?

If I want to render only one view at the time which is then the best approach?

Thanks in Advance

could you try to put the Import View control inside of another panel (Hideable panel is my favourite) and set its rendered property to false? this is the way i usually do it and it works fine.

best regards

I had the import view inside a Inline Hideable panel. I also tried to put this render=false, and It didn’t work

I’m working with the MWS 7.1.3. I think that this is a CAF bug.

I solved the problem using a different approach. I have only one import view now and when the user changes the View I change th import view value and refresh the area


Is it possible to attach a small sample project?