Rename WM host name

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As per new requirement we have perform brand new WM 9.7 full fledged environment setup which includes installation of following servers

WM 9.7 - 2 servers (AIX OS) & 1 server (WM OS) & 1 Enterprise gateway server (AIX OS)
DB Oracle 12 G

  • WM IS servers with host name : : includes each server has unique profile name :
  • Broker : :

Is there any way without disturbing existing setup { Can we change ONLY host names of servers installed in different OS such as AIX and window }

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Pls suggest

what all configuration and provide config path location which need to modify so that host name of server and profile name of host name can be rename without redo of installation?

Did anyone face this issue in there past org?
Any suggestion

Rajiv – I didn’t come across this situation. By chance did you figure out the solution.


not yet but waiting for other forum members to comment on this issue

Please check these KB article’s and see if it helps in your situation/scenario:|hostname&SessionID=483277411|hostname&SessionID=483277411

If not contact SAG support for better way of doing this with out any impact


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Thanks rmg, this will help but still I need to try this practically

OK worth a try and please let us know the out come result :slight_smile: