Rename log files?

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I have a question regarding the log files generated by the Integration Server.

Our company has recently migrated from IS 6.5 to IS 8.0. After we changed the logging to file-based logging, we noticed the naming of several log files had changed, and that the logs for one day can be spread over several files with a new log being started every time the IS is restarted.

My question is then if it’s possible to rename the log files through a setting in the IS, and if it’s possible to keep the logs for one day in one file.


By default server logs will be created in format ‘server.log.yyyymmdd’ . How do your log files looks like When you say ‘multiple files created when ever server restarted’? . Are they overwriting each other?

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Also please refer to webMethods_logging_Guide page52 as to how to change the format of the logfile.


When i said that multiple log files are created whenever the server is restarted, i meant the additional log files, such as the error and session logging. No files are overwritten.
For example, the format for the error log name we have now is WMERROR_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.log, and every time the server is restarted a new log is created with the date and time in the log file name. This means that we can have 2 error log files with the same date and different time. What i would like to know is if we can set it so the server will add new entries to the existing log file when the date is the same, rather than make a new file.

For example, as it is now we have this situation:

  • WMERROR_20111204_000000.log containing the entries starting from midnight.
  • WMERROR_20111204_120000.log containing the entries starting from midday when the server was restarted.

So my question is: can the server be configured to append log entries to the first file even when it’s restarted, as long as the date remains the same?

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