Rename existing CAF portlet project

I’m trying to rename a existing project and deploy it to MWS. So I refactored the project with my new project name and removed the old project from MWS. Now I getting the following error message when publishing my renamed project.

com.webmethods.portal.bizPolicy.BizException: [POP.003.0136] Cannot install component "new_project_name.war" because it requires "old_project_name.war" to be installed first.

Have any else encountered this type of issue?

Yes i have, and i don’t know how to resolve this issue. Have you found out what to do to resolve this?

Also not sure, but maybe try repairing the project? Or failing that, do a text search for the old project name across the entire project - maybe there’s just some bug that’s leaving it behind somewhere?

Did you create a new copy of the CAF package and then refactored? If so, please check if there is any build dependencies with old CAF package. (Right click on the CAF package, go to Properties > Java Build Path > Projects to see dependencies).