Rename a file


What I’m doing is to get files by FTP and them send them back by ftp to somewhere else. What I need to know is how I can rename the file (or copy them with a different name) before to send them by ftp where I want them.

I’m working with WM 4.6.1 and I don’t know Java.


you can use pub.client.ftp:rename built in service

What do I have to put into sessionkey?

I want to keep the file on my server with the new name before to send it (with the new name) by ftp.

when you start your ftp session with pub.client.ftp:login, you will get a sessionkey returned from your login. Pass that to subsequent “commands” within your session, and at the end, do a pub.client.ftp:logout, again passing the sessionkey

I see. You want to rename the local file before sending. wm doesn’t provide any services to do this, but you can get the PSUtilities package from advantage and use service: PSUtilities.file:moveFile

PSUtilities is available at

PSUtilities is a package of small UNSUPPORTED utilities

I already have this package.
Thank you for your help.