Removing White Spaces

I have a message definition that converts a plain text file to XML. The fields are fixed length. Some of the fields have reserved too much space, and our customer wants that this unuseful caracters are “erased” from the resulting XML, so that the response message are the smallest posible. Are there any way to achieve this? I have read something about “Data Modifiers”, that says that you can write your own converver extending the class “com.sagasoftware.base.document.converter.TextModifier”, but I can

This is an error in the documentation. Extending this class is not supported in XML Gateways.

Are you using your Gateway with Mediator? If yes then the spaces could be removed in a stylesheet invoked from a transformer step.



I told the customer this solution (Xslt), but he does not feel confortable with it. Note that the unuseful white spaces are sent in the SOAP response, and then Mediator must “load” this big document in memory. If the filtering could be done in the Gateways part, the size of the document would pass from Mbytes to Kbytes…