Removing webMethods IS 402


We are upgrading webMethods IS 4.0.2 to 4.6 on Windows 2K server. I was trying to uninstall webMethods IS 4.0.2 using the Windows Add/Remove Programs, available from Control Panel. However, the uninstaller won’t run. After I clicked the “Add/Remove” button nothing is happening. Any ideas …


From what I remember from my 4.x days, you should be able to upgrade over the existing packages and be ok. Also, you can safely delete the server folders from the directory structure directly. After it is gone, your control panel should pick up the fact that its gone and remove it from the add/remove options.

Of course, you should have a copy of any packages and configuration files that you might need to update the 4.6 server after words.


Would you need to do any change, if you are using a Broker Bridge?