Remote Proxy Gateway : Calling service on internal ESB ?


we have a reverse proxy gateway in our DMZ installed. In our intranet zone
another IS is installed. Both are connected as described in installation
documentation. And the internal IS is polling on the IS in the DMZ.

But how it is possible to call a service available on internal IS from
Reverse Proxy Gateway ? And how to pass parameters to the internal
service ? What service URL we have to provide to our external partners.

Thanks in advance,

OK what is the port on the RG (reverse gateway IS) that connects to Internal IS port?

Basically once the port is working fine try this with ping and make sure from a browser/externally

http://RGserverhost:RGExternalport/invoke/wm.server/ping – and you should get a response date/time back and indicates the URL working and similarly give the Internal IS service (custom or public for your testing)