Remote function call problem

We are using SAP Business Connector 4.6.

I call a remote function module using Invoke ( Using Lookup option and mapping SAP BC -> SAP generated this service.

The function module has few parameters and a table as inputs. When I send the record list to the table in the function module, the actual values in the internal table are blank or initial values. When I debug the flow service, I do see the values in the record list before I invoke the RFC, but within the RFC the internal table contains blank records.

Can anyone, please explain what is happening here? I would appreciate immediate help.


Please help me out here.


I found the solution to my problem. Within my RFC I created another internal table similar to the incoming tables parameter. Within my RFC, I appended the records from the tables (input record list) to the temporary internal table. This resolved the issue.

Strange but it works !!