Reliable service execution

I would like to use reliable service feature of TN. I have 2 different services which will be executed by different processing rules.

My question is, Is there any way to specify different time interval & retry limit for these services. For example, the first service should be retried every 3 min & the second service should be retried every 10 mins.

I dont think this is possible in TN. Is there any workaround way to do this?

Advance thanks for your comments!


Any idea on this Question???


Each TP can be configured with a different delivery service profile.
See the delivery method tab for the TP profile in TNConsole.
If you want different values for the same TP then you will need to program your own calls to service. Read wMTN_ProgrammersRef.pdf on the section Reliable Delivery Services.
Also see


I did it using deliver service. Thanks for your tips…